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27 February 2006
Changed to user based login for editing. There may be some bugs about logging in. Also added was a “Log Out” link in the menu. If there is a problem loggin in, then make sure you click the “Log Out” link after it fails to reset everything. If there are still problems, just email me at

29 December 2005
Began documenting info about DNS.

15 December 2005
Added UT2004 Customizing Skin and Pushing Skin tutorial.

10 November 2005
Added image link functionality. Now, instead of typing the entire url to link to a picture you need only to type Images: followed by the location in the images folder.

For example:
Old way was
New way is


To get

For off-site images you would still need to use the full url.

10 November 2005
Changed theme to a theme called ‘wikilove’.

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