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Launching the Server from the Command Line

The syntax for running a server from a command line is as follows:

C:\UnrealTournament\System> ucc.exe server mapname.unr?game=GameType [port=portnum] [multihome=ipaddress] [ini=inifilename] [log=logfilename] 

port - the optional base port number the server uses.
ini - the name of the ini file the server uses. This defaults to UnrealTournament.ini
log - the name of the logfile the server generates. The default is ucc.log
multihome - the IP address the server should bind to, if your server has multiple local IP addresses.
GameType - specifies the game type. One of Botpack.DeathMatchPlus, Botpack.Domination, Botpack.CTFGame, Botpack.LastManStanding..

Some examples:
ucc server dm-Turbine?game=Botpack.DeathMatchPlus ini=server1.ini log=server1.log
ucc server ctf-coret?game=Botpack.CTFGame ini=server2.ini log=server2.log multihome=
ucc server dom-Sesmar?game=Botpack.Domination ini=server3.ini log=server3.log multihome=

It’s a good idea to make a small batch file which automatically restarts the server should it crash:

cd \unrealtournament\system
ucc server dm-Turbine?game=Botpack.DeathMatchPlus ini=server1.ini log=server1.log
copy server1.log server1crash.log
goto top
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