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UT2k4 | Unreal Tournament 2004

In this section you can find interesting knowledge about UT2k4. We will be posting as much as possible about the different areas of UT2k4 as we can get our hands on. Some of these guides and tutorials have been found and transfered to this site while we have been on our travels around UT. We just did not like the fact that they could be lost forever if the original site went offline, this way they are saved for all to use and enjoy. The creators of some of these helpful guides are many and to numerous to mention in some cases. You know who you are and we thank you for creating them.

Customizing A Skin
Pushing Skins
Onslaught Map Creation Tutorial (by
ONS Tips & Tricks
UT2k4 Predictions
UT2k4 Movement
UT2k4 Pick-Ups
UT2k4 CTF Guide
UT2k4 Bombing Run Guide
UT2k4 Assault Walkthrough
UT2k4 ONS Map Walkthrough
UT2k4 ONS Vehicle Combat
UT2k4 ONS Positions

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