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UT2k4 | ONS Tips & Tricks

General Onslaught Vehicle Tips.

  • If you have a link gun, you can link to the Manta, increasing it’s weapon power. Simply jump up onto it’s fan and stay for the ride, linking with it when you come up against trouble.
  • With the Vehicles (Hellbender & Scorpion at least) , if you press the “Jump” button and a side direction button whilst at a decent speed you get to do a 180 degree turn on the spot!
  • Try scoring some roadkills with the Raptor. There is nothing more satisfying than plowing the nose cone of the Raptor into a nice line of Bots or Human opponents.
  • Try charging down the path at the center node in a Manta this can get you some serious kills. It is also possible to dodge this attack by simply crouching.
  • If you want to turn the other way fast because you’ve just missed a person, jump with the Manta, start turning with the mouse, and then right after the jump hit the right mouse button, it turns your vehicle much faster.
  • If your on your own in a Goliath and an enemy Raptor is attacking you and there’s no oppurtunity for an eagle eye, press “2″ and attack them using the gatling gun instead.
  • In any of the multi seated vehicles you can press a keybind to change location. Press 1,2 or 3 (Or if you have new keybinds for the first three weapons, press the keybind for the assault rifle, shield, or spidermines. respectively.).
  • Try adding Spider Mines to the wings of your Manta. This will come in very useful if you get in to a fire fight with enemy opponents on the ground.
  • You can flip a vehicle that is upside down back on its wheels with the use key.

General Onslaught Game Tactics.

  • In Onslaught it’s possible for players to walk around some of the border terrains! It’s a nasty tactic because it not only means you can take shots at the nodes but also at the people and they can’t work out where it’s coming from because you’d think they’d be coming from INSIDE the arena not outside!

General Onslaught Weapon Tips.

Mine Layer.

  • This weapon produces robot spiders that will automatically attack anything hostile nearby, and self-destruct pretty hard when they hit someone.
  • Prim fire: positions a spider mine; you can deploy up to 8 spiders at a given time; if you try to add more, the first one will systematically be destroyed.
  • Alt fire: an infrared target painter. It orders your spiders to run to that point.
  • Usage: the spiders from this weapon provides a splendid defence. These creatures move fast but they can be taken out easy with explosive weapons (including the minigun alt fire). When they explode, they deal even more splash damage, which can take out adjacent spider mines with them. For this reason, you must spread out your spiders. Only order them around if you really have to, because that puts the spiders close together.
  • Always throw the mines in an arc: they explode if they try to deploy on unstable terrain like nodes, vehicles, edges,… This can be painfull if you’re standing too close to them.
  • There is no need to keep pointing the target with the alt fire: spider mines will remember the point where they have to go, and they only change their direction if they notice someone hostile or when you give them a different order.
  • You can throw spiders around you while running between nodes on foot. Don’t forget to tell the spiders to follow you to your destination.


  • Alt fire produces a laser that will direct the spider mines. Try standing in an oppenents Sniper tower and fire all your spider mines onto it. When you use the alt fire they will all jump up and you can march them around your oppenents base.
  • Ever feel that 8 spider mines just isn’t enough? Go to your first node and pick up the mines at the weapons locker, then stand inside the node’s shield. (This shield must be up for this to work) When inside, fire off two mines. Nothing will come out. Now walk outside the node and fire two more. You’ll notice two mines come out, but they don’t appear in the bottom right corner of your screen. You can now fire your other eight mines for a total of 10 mines under your control.
  • You can put a sticky grenade on a spider to increase their damage radius. Unfortunately, this makes the spider move slower.
  • You can place spiders on top of vehicles like the manta; they will jump off the vehicle as soon as they notice an enemy nearby.

Grenade Launcher.

  • Grenade launchers are a common thing in First Person Shooters, but these grenades have something special: they stick onto enemies and vehicles. They also don’t explode after a given time: this is completely up to the owner of the grenades.
  • Prim fire: throws a grenade that sticks on enemies, vehicles or nodes. You can queue up to 8 grenades this way.
  • Alt fire: destroys all your grenades
  • Usage: this weapon is a perfect tool to sabotage enemy vehicles and take down unguarded nodes. Due to the combination of a high rate of fire and big splash damage, this weapon is even usefull in deathmatch. By queueing 8 grenades on a node before detonation, you can surprise the other team by tearing it down before they can send in backup. When attacking a node with grenades it’s best to detonate about every 5 or 6 grenades, to deny the other team to spawn there.


  • For you spies that sneak around in enemy bases, sticky grenades, plaster the opponents vehicles with them and wait for them to get in.
  • Try firing all 8 grenades and sticking them to an opponents node. You can then detonate the grenades and take the node down to almost half health without setting off any ‘Node under attack’ alarms.
  • Grenades are sticky, right? And they automatically blow up if you get killed, right? If you fly a Raptor to an enemy power node they are going to shoot you, right? Well here are my easy steps for an instant Node destruction or major damage to a power core.
  • Step 1. Grab a grenade launcher.
  • Step 2. Shoot the grenades all over your Raptor. (or Manta, or etc…)
  • Step 3. Hop in the vehicle and fly it right into the middle of your enemies Node.
  • Step 4. Let them shoot you.
  • Get your team mates to load you up with sticky grenades for a bit more destructive power. But just hope your team mates don’t die before you do or Kaboom!!
  • Stick your Grenades to vehicles. Best places for them would be to bouce the grenades off the ground to the underside of the vehicle. That way they have less chance of being spotted and being prematurely blown up by fire. Some places on vehicles dont like grenades on them, such as the hellbender doors (50/50 chance of sticking), but you can get max grenades on a single vehicle.
  • All your grenades explode if you die.
  • By sticking a couple grenades on your vehicle, you can turn it into a vehicle that can’t be carjacked; you can also cover a weak vehicle with 8 grenades and drive it into an enemy vehicle. If you can time your explosion well, you can deal up to 800 damage to their vehicle.
  • Grenades bounce back on floors, walls and ceilings.
  • Grenades that don’t stick to anyone/anything will bounce a couple times and then remain on the floor.
  • Grenades can be destroyed with explosive weapons.


  • This weapon (Anti-Vehicle Rocket Launcer) is the second rocket launcer of UT2004. As the name suggests is it specifically designed to use against vehicles.
  • Prim fire: shoots a rocket. Normally, this rocket flies in a straight trajectory. If you aim at an enemy vehicle, then all your AVRiL rockets will bend toward that vehicle (your crosshair also changes).
  • Alt fire: locks your aim on a given vehicle. When you aim at an enemy vehicle, you should hold down this button to fix your view (and your AVRiL rockets) straight on the vehicle.
  • Usage: this weapon gives infantry a use in onslaught. Vehicles receive a ‘missile lock’-warning when an AVRiL is coming their way, but if the drivers don’t react fast, they get hit. This is how a driver can get rid of the missile lock:
  • Exit the vehicle: AVRiL’s don’t lock on abandoned vehicles, so exiting stops the lock.
  • Outrun the rocket: AVRiL’s only remain locked as long as the owner keeps the vehicle in his/her field of vision. If the vision becomes obscured, the missile lock stops. Note that the rocketeer can still move around to keep the vehicle within sight.
  • Take out the rocketeer: the lock doesn’t outlive the shooter. Once again: AVRiL’lers can still avoid being killed.
  • (When in a manta) play matador with the rocket. One good feint move (eg. jump, then quickly duck) can make the rocket hit straight into the ground or wall.
  • Even with all these options, AVRiL’s usually hit their targets. Remember that when you think infantry is useless in onslaught. The best way to make a hit is to first shoot into the open air (even if there is no enemy vehicle around), and then lock in on vehicles. This way, the rocket is much closer to the target, the driver will have a harder time avoiding it and the second rocket can be shot faster.


  • Shoot the rocket out of the sky. This isn’t easy and usually happens ‘by accident’. The hellbender can weave a shield of sky mines that can effectively keep AVRiL’s at bay.
  • The avril doesn’t work the way people think it does. Fire the rocket WITHOUT having a lock and THEN when you place target over a tank the rocket will turn on the target! So just fire a rocket straight up in the air and then find an enemy vehicle, target it and the rocket just comes straight down on top of them.
    It’s also possible to change your target aswell! So if your using the Avril on the centre tower just stand in the middle, shoot forward, walk to the edge and find yourself a target.
    It should also be noted that pressing the right mouse button does NOT lock the missile onto the target, just having the cursor over the target locks the missile, pressing right mouse button locks the cursor to the target. So if your face on with a tank there’s no point right clicking unless your afraid a scorpion might fly out and distract your lock!
  • In online games, fast vehicles can escape the alt fire lock when they keep driving at full speed.
  • It is a known bug that on some occasions the missile lock doesn’t disappear when the rocket loses its target.
  • AVRiL rockets fly faster than regular rockets.
  • AVRiL’s don’t lock against infantry, so don’t try to use it as a weapon against them.
  • Mix up AVRiL rockets and regular ones against (almost) stationary vehicles at close range.

Lightning Gun.

  • Introduced in UT2003 and heavily tweaked in UT2004: a sniper rifle that shoots lightning bolts.
  • With the lightning gun you can get head shots on Scorpion, Manta and Hellbender drivers and also Turret dwellers.
  • Prim fire: shoots a trace-hit lightning bolt that gives a little splash damage to whatever comes near it. If you can hit someone in the head this way, you will score double the damage (=headshot).
  • Alt fire: a zoom that focusses your view approximately 11.5 times. A second ‘shot’ brings your vision back to normal.
  • Usage: like any sniper rifle, the lightning gun is made for long range fire or for quick attacks against unsuspecting victims. The bolt betrays your position, so hiding isn’t a good idea with this thing. Remember that the headshot-part of a player is small…very small. Don’t feel frustrated when it seems like you hit someone straight between the eyes and it doesn’t pull off a headshot…That’s just the way it is. Luckily, the weapon deals a good 70 damage on its own.


  • The zoom might be beautifull, but it’s a disadvantage to keep an eye on the environment. Choose a good crosshair for it to be able to aim without zoom if your enemy is close by.
  • Lightning gun+invisibility=dangerous situation for enemies.
  • Unlike in ‘Realistic Shooters’, running around doesn’t affect your aim at all: you always shoot directly at your crosshair.
  • Ammo is rarely a problem, since you really shouldn’t spam with this weapon.
  • Enemies in a small corridor are easier targets than the same ones in open ground.

Shield Gun.

  • Your basic melee weapon; every player starts out with it. It can be used to pound enemies into oblivion, make big jumps or shields off damage from the outside
  • Prim fire: holding down this button charges the weapon; upon contact with an enemy, it is automatically fired…if you can get close enough.
  • Alt fire: It’s this mode that gives the weapon its name: holding alt fire will place a shield in front of the player. This shield blocks a part of the damage and can even deflect shock rifle and link gun primary. The shield isn’t permanent: there’s a meter that runs back from 100 while the weapon is active (5.5 ammo/second). It also takes 15 ammo to set up the shield, and each damage point it stops costs an additional 0.5 shieldgun ammo…and the double if you carry the flag. The meter charges back up to 100 if the shield isn’t used (5.5 ammo/second).
  • Usage: this can be a good weapon in the hands of someone who knows how to move. But still…it’s a weapon that relies on stealth and speed, which can only be safe to use in close quarters.
  • The shield is unique in the fact that it’s the only weapon that is purely defensive, which is absolutely usefull in a lot of circumstances. Remember that all kinds of damage are reduced, even falling damage. If you fall down from high above, you can switch to this weapon, look down, and hold down alt fire to reduce the falling damage.
  • Don’t forget about your shield when you respawn in front of a fully armed enemy; in combination with the spawn protection it’s all you need to get out of sight.


  • You can use the sheild gun to push people off high spots.
  • The shieldgun is rarely the preffered weapon; go search for a better one as fast as you can.
  • Don’t try to get a shieldgun kill if you know your opponent has a flak cannon.
  • Don’t try to hit someone you know is wearing an armor: you’ll have to hit your prey twice, which is also twice as hard.
  • You can’t charge the weapon and use the shield at the same time.
  • When playing on a server with high ping, it’s possible the shieldgun automatically fires when you’re close to an enemy, yet you still miss him/her. This is caused by a flaw in the network code.

Assault Rifle.

  • Your main starting weapon in the game. It handles as a light variant of the minigun, since it shoots fast bullets. In contradiction to the other weapons is the alt fire a way to shoot that is completely different from the prim fire: it throws grenades.
  • Prim. fire: shoots trace-hit bullets in rapid succession, but these spread out a lot and do only minimal damage
  • Alt fire: throws a grenade, alternating from the left and right. The longer you hold the button, the further away you throw them. They bounce back from walls and explode on contact with players.
  • Usage: both fire modes of this weapon are weak: the bullets don’t do enough damage and are only usefull at very close range because of the spread. The grenades, on the other hand, are too small and are too easy to avoid. But there’s one advantage to the this, you can switch between prim and alt fire extremely fast. Hold down prim fire while you run into an opponent and throw a grenade once you’re close enough to hit him / her with it.


  • Get another weapon as soon as possible
  • The first shot of prim fire fires directly at the crosshair. Using short bursts of fire instead of holding the button might therefore be preferred if your opponent is at long distance.

Dual Assault Rifles.

  • It’s possible to wield two assault rifles at once! Some custom maps feature assault rifle pickup spots, but the most likely way to get this is to kill someone that carries an assault rifle. Dual assault rifles increases the maximum ammo and firing rate of prim fire. Unfortunately, grenades haven’t changed.
  • Prim. fire: the same as the assault rife, but the rate of fire is almost doubled.
  • Alt fire: the same as assault rifle alt fire.
  • Usage: even with two assault rifles, the other weapons are usually the better choice.

Bio Rifle.

  • This is a tactical weapon. It shoots balls of slime that explode on contact with players. On a miss, the slime will remain on the floor/wall/ceiling/whatever for a couple seconds, after which it will explode. The slime will also explode if an explosive weapon is shot at it.
  • Prim fire: shoots small slime bullets.
  • Alt fire: charges the gun up. If the button is released, the gun shoots a big and very deadly blubber. If it hits the scenery, it bursts open to 9 smaller cells.
  • Usage: the projectiles shoot slowly and can easily be avoided. These are serious disadvantages, but if you can maintain your surprise element, this weapon can be as good as any other. Never run around with this thing without charging it up. Search for duelling opponents and throw the big ball in the center of the fight. Since these opponents are focussing on each other, there’s a good chance one of them will accidentaly step into your trap.
  • In 1 on 1 situations this weapon is only usefull in small areas: try to cover the floor with slime rather than trying to hit your opponent with bullets. Exploding slime causes a chain reaction: it detonates all slime in the area, so opponents can get killed by just stepping on one small bubble. Don’t throw the stuff everywhere; make sure you don’t corner yourself: leave an escape route for yourself.
  • The bio rifle is the weapon of choice when it comes to delay your opponents rather than killing them. If you shoot directly at the floor while running, the balls will drop behind you.


  • Never use this weapon in big, open areas. Your enemies will just increase the distance between you while returning fire.
  • Slime doesn’t float in water anymore.
  • You can use the bio rifle for goo jumps.
  • The many meshes, pipes, rocks and other irregularities in walls are a curse for big slime balls. If you accidentaly shoot the ball in there, it won’t burst open in many small parts.

Shock Rifle.

  • This weapon is usefull both on short, long and intermediate distances. This makes it a great all-terrain weapon, though specialized weapons are better at their territory.
  • Prim fire: shoots a blue trace-hit beam. Note that this doesn’t appear to be trace-hit, but the beam gets drawn after the arrival of the damage.
  • Alt fire: shoots a kind of bubble that isn’t too easy to avoid.
  • Combo: hit one of the bubbles with prim fire and the thing will explode, damaging everything in the area. You can even make a frag by hitting a bubble of your opponent. Beware: a combo takes 5 ammo, but can still be executed if you have between 2 and 4 ammo.
  • Usage: never forget that there are 3 ways to use the weapon; if there’s someone right next to you, you shouldn’t go for that combo move (some on-line players never miss a combo, but are clueless against a shieldgun whore). Snipe when they are far away, spam the bubbles at close range, and use the combo’s for mid-range. Since UT99 deals the weapon less damage on all parts, but the rate of fire is increased. The combo is kinda hard to get used to, because it requires a good aim. When using fixed aim, it’s not that hard though. Combo’s can be executed in fast succession. In the ideal situation the passageway is small so no one can pass you, or avoid it. Furthermore, it’s one of the few ways to take out enemies behind the corner.


  • Ammo is very important for the good use of this weapon, due to the huge ammo-usage of the combo.
  • Never follow someone with a shock rifle behind a corridor, especially not on-line: those people will await you with a shock combo.
  • The bubble can block rockets, goo and flak grenades.

Link Gun.

  • This green plasma gun was introduced in UT2003, but it handles just like UT99′s pulse gun, except in team games.
  • Prim fire: shoots small, easily avoidable plasma cells. Their rate of fire is high, so you can endanger big area’s fast.
  • Alt fire: shoots a continuous green beam (hold down the button). In contrast to the minigun is this beam is 100% accurate, so the preferred weapon choice for people that are good at following their target with the mouse. To make things worse for enemies is the fact that the beam has a negative momentum: it hinders your opponent’s movement and dodge capacities.
  • In onslaught the link gun has an important extra function: it can repair nodes and vehicles, and decreases the buildtime of nodes under construction. Remember that linking up with teammates increases the power more than 2 individual beams, so keep an eye out for other linking players.
  • Linking up: if you ‘shoot’ at your team mates with link gun alt fire while they are carrying a link gun as well, you’ll establish a link between the two of you. This gives a bonus to the damage of the other team mate, causing him/her to deal more damage and to build/repair stuff faster! It’s not that easy to tell how much that bonus is exactly, because link chains can consist of more than 2 players. For prim fire, the formula is as follows: damage/hit=( 1+ amount of linked players) * damage. For alt fire, the formula comes down to: damage/second=(1+1.5 * amount of linked players) * damage/second.
  • Usage: this is a weapon that can only be used in close to medium range. Mix up the two firemodes: use prim fire if the opponent is avoiding you, to have more chance to hit him / her. If that opponent then tries to avoid these plasma bullets, use the alt fire.
  • Avoid this weapon to destroy enemies in onslaught; it’s better to save the ammo for nodes and vehicles.


  • Prim fire costs 2 ammo per shot.
  • The alt fire beam is limited in length! You can’t use it on enemies at far range.
  • The green glow of the plasma betrays your location pretty well.
  • The ‘saw’-technique from UT99 doesn’t work anymore; moving back and forth while you’re targetting your foe won’t give a damage bonus anymore.
  • As soon as you’ve established a link with a teammate, this link stays connected until you turn 30 away from him/her, or until you stop firing.
  • The negative momentum the link beam comes in handy when facing flag carriers or ball runners.
  • Linking up doesn’t save or waste ammo: linkers don’t lose ammo while mere keeping the link alive. As soon as the ‘leader’ of the link fires, all participants lose the same amount of ammo.
  • The double damage gets calculated after the calculation of the linking up; it’s not important who among the chain has the thing. This means that 2 people sharing a link and a single damage amp deal (2*30) *2 =120 damage/hit on an infantry.
  • It doesn’t matter how the people in the link chain are linked up (daisy chain or HUB setup); these all give the front player the same bonus.


  • The classic spray-weapon: holding the button fires bullets.
  • Prim fire: shoots trace-hit bullets, with quite a lot of spread on the bullets.
  • Alt fire: shoots explosive bullets (no splash damage though). The rate of fire is slower, but more focussed on the center; bullets do more damage per bullet.
  • Usage: the prim fire is the best choice for close range, as it deals the most damage per second. Alt fire is better over longer distances, because it has less spread. Both ways have a charge time: it takes a short time for the gun to start/stop spinning whenever you open / cease Fire.


  • This is a good finishing weapon: if you have damaged your opponent hard with something (eg a sniper rifle), you can switch to this weapon to drain out the last of their health.

Flak Cannon.

  • Is an enemy bothering you over a short distance? Use this weapon and it will soon be a thing of the past.
  • Prim fire: fires 9 shards that spread out and bounce back (once) from walls and ceilings. Each shard deals 13 damage on impact. Beware of this, or kill yourself if you’re not carefull enough.
  • Alt fire: throws a grenade that explodes on impact. This impact causes splash damage and bursts open in 6 shards. The grenade comes down due to gravity very fast.
  • Usage: this weapon is extremely powerfull at close range; either by sneaking up on someone, or just moving closer can result in a quick frag. The rate of fire is kinda slow though, and the damage from the weapon can kill yourself easily. Also: at point blank, enemies don’t have to move much to get away from your crosshair, so you’ll need some good reflexes.
  • This is the weapon that deals the most damage per second of the normal weapons, and it’s a popular weapon (especially in narrow levels).
  • The use of the alt fire resembles passing a volleybal: the further away your opponent is, the higher you’ll have to lead to hit him/her (the crosshair is almost useless for firing the flak cannon).


  • It’s a very convenient weapon to block a passage in narrow corridors.
  • The weapon doesn’t come with much ammo, but the low rate of fire makes up for this.
  • Flak grenades drop down as soon as they come in contact with water.
  • Bots are too good with this weapon; they never accidentally turn too far, and their reflexes are too good to be human. Stay at a distance against these guys.

Rocket Launcher.

  • All First Person Shooters come with a rocket launcher these days, and UT2004 is not an exception.
  • Prim fire: shoots rockets that can be avoided. Luckily, rockets provide some splash damage on impact. The weapon also has an ‘autolock’ function: if you can hold your cursor over your opponent for a few seconds, you’ll hear a beep. If you then shoot a rocket (or start loading them with alt fire), they will bend toward the unfortunate victim. This applies for vehicle drivers as well, though AVRiL’s are a better choice there.
  • Alt fire: by holding down alt fire, you’ll charge up to 3 rockets, which will be shot when you release the button. At this point, the loaded rockets fly next to each other toward their goal.
  • Combo: if you press prim fire while holding alt fire, the rockets will have a different trajectory: they will whirl around each other when flying.
  • Usage: of all the weapons, this one needs the most leading in order to make a hit. Luckily, the spash damage makes up for this inconvenience. Alt fire is preferred mostly: shooting more rockets lessens the chance of avoidance. A ‘normal’ launch is advised if your opponent goes from side to side from you, and a combo when he/she is avoiding you, or when he/she is close by. You can’t really count on the ‘autolock’ feature: the rockets don’t turn very good, so they are barely harder to avoid. Autolock is a better option in low gravity…if you insist in using the rocket launcher there.


  • You can’t throw away your rocket launcer while loading rockets.

Sniper Rifle.

  • This weapon makes its return since UT99: the classic sniper rifle.
  • Prim fire: shoots a trace-hit bullet. It can also be used to make headshots (check the info on the lightning gun).
  • Alt fire: a zoom that focusses approx. 11.5 times. A second ‘shot’ brings the field of vision back to normal.
  • Usage: even though this weapon works similar to the lightning gun, there are a couple differences. The most important one is the fact that snipers are much harder to trace: only a small smoke flare betrays the position of the sniper. The second difference is that the zoom has less ‘eye candy’ in it, so it’s better suited to overview the area.
  • Finally: the sniper rifle deals only 60 damage.


  • The smoke flare obscures your vision, but it clears up as soon as you move even the smallest bit.


  • This weapon of mass destruction hasn’t changed much since UT99: it’s a nuclear bomb that explodes as soon as it hits something.
  • Prim fire: fires the weapon, a slow moving projectile that will cause an enormous explosion on impact. Everyone that is in the blast radius will die, except the ones on the very edge of the explosion.
  • Alt fire: a camera on the bomb allows you to steer the thing yourself. Pressing any fire button will detonate it, just like hitting something while flying. If you hold your ‘walk’ button while steering, you’ll have it easier in the corners.
  • Usage: the incredible firepower of this thing is only balanced a little with the few disadvantages of it. First of all: everyone can shoot the projectile from the sky, which causes only a small explosion. Secondly: this a weapon that has to be shot very cautiously when indoors, since even the slightest touch of an object will trigger the explosion. Finally: the redeemer camera fills your entire field of view, leaving yourself undefended. Any opponent can take you out fast, and the bomb will fizzle if you die while steering. Therefore, make sure there’s no enemy resistance around before using alt fire.


  • The explosion doesn’t affect you behind walls; hide yourself if there’s going to be a redeemer blast somewhere.
  • The alt-fire button can’t be used for an explosion at point blank range: the projectile has to fly a couple seconds before the selfdestruct-button is activated.
  • Release the redeemer in open places with lots of players.
  • In onslaught, a redeemer can take out a fully healed node…And everyone that might be defending it! This fact makes makes defending in onslaught very important, because they have to look out for the thing and shoot it down when it is heading for the node.

Ion Painter.

  • Since UT2003 this weapon added to the arsenal of superweapons: it provides a big blast from the sky. Don’t worry if you can’t spot a satellite anymore: it is no longer required to fire this weapon.
  • Prim fire: paints an infrared target. If this target holds still for 2 seconds on the ground in open air, then the blast will hit from above.
  • Alt fire: a zoom that focusses approx. 11.5 times. A second ‘shot’ brings the field of vision back to normal.
  • Usage: it isn’t easy to use this weapon since you’ll have to be (almost) completely motionless for 2 seconds, making a sitting duck of yourself. Never use it if an enemy knows your location. And there are other disadvantages: the range is limited, you can’t use it indoors and it doesn’t lock when you aren’t aiming straight at the ground. Luckily, the damage area is big enough to take out everything and everyone…including yourself, if you don’t watch out.


  • It’s best to use this weapon while on higher ground.
  • Targetting a healthy node will bring it straight into the red.

Target Painter.

  • This weapon resembles the ion painter in the way you have to use it. But this weapon doesn’t activate a satellite; instead, it calls for a bomber plane to throw bombs on the battlefield.
  • Prim fire: paints an infrared target. If this target is held still for 2 seconds on the ground in open air, players will hear the announcer say ‘Warning: incoming airstrike’. A bomber plane will come and drop bombs over the specific area.
  • Alt fire: a zoom that focusses approximately 11.5 times. A second ‘shot’ brings the field of vision back to normal.
  • Usage: the bomber drops 15 bombs in a straigt line. This line is marked by 2 points: the targetted spot (which is also the center of the bombing) and the position from which you painted the target. This means your position is crucial to predict where the bombs will fall. More important is the problem of leading: after the painting, it will take almost 20 seconds before the first bomb hits the ground. This makes it very hard to predict where your target will be when the bombs hit. Nodes aren’t much of a better target either, since the distance between the bombs is just a bit longer than the size of a node. So with some bad luck, the bombs drop directly before and after the node, missing it completely. And don’t forget that you can usually tear down a node yourself in 20 seconds.
  • Finally: the bomber can be shot down with trace-hit weapons. Defenders should therefore watch the skies when they hear the ‘incoming airstrike’-warning. You’ll get the best best results with this weapon when you use it to target a path where enemies will be likely to travel (eg the middle of the route between two nodes).


  • You can only shoot down enemy bombers, not the ones from your own team.
  • Target painters only appear in onslaught games; it is not considered a superweapon.
  • You can’t target indoors.
  • This weapon deals by far the most damage, but since this is impossible to aim decently, most damage (if not all) will miss completely.
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