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UT2k4 | Onslaught Vehicle Combat Guide

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When playing onslaught, you’re in for a great deal of action, usually involving vehicles. With the goal of onslaught in mind, combat doesn’t get the full priority over the gametype. It’s all about attacking and defending nodes. Removing opponents from your territory just makes things easier to achieve your goal; it doesn’t win you the game.

But that doesn’t make it an unimportant part of the game, even though many guides seem to dismiss this part as self-evident. You don’t need a guide to tell you that it’s madness to attack a leviathan on your own, now do you? However…with the many types of vehicles, there are a lot of situations you can get into. Is it wise to fight that opponent or is it better to drive off to another objective? Each vehicle vs another vehicle requires a different approach, and it can be a good thing to think each situation through. So that’s what this guide will deal with here. I don’t think I have seen every situation yet (11*11=121 in total), but luckily my imagination is good enough to estimate how a standard battle would look like.

I compare each vehicle with a chess piece, to illustrate you can’t dismiss a vehicle as being useless. Every one of them has good potential and can be crucial in the right situation. And since every vehicle has a weak spot, it could be interesting to know what kind of backup you could provide here.

Finally, I’ve added a table for damage statistics. These are simply deduced from timing how long it takes to destroy an empty leviathan on instant action with 100% friendly fire. I’ve noticed that these damage stats don’t apply against infantry; this could be because the splash damage doesn’t hit them to the fullest, but I’m not sure. What I do know, however, is that infantry weapons deal less damage against vehicles than on enemies.


Armor = 500
Respawn time = 13.5 Seconds
Damage / Hit

  • Cannon = 250
  • Laser Turret = 25 (50 for flare)

Rate of Fire [bullets / sec]

  • Cannon = 22.16
  • Laser Turret = 5.26 (.73 for flares)

Damage / Second

  • Cannon = 2108.33
  • Laser Turret = 131.58

Splash damage = Low

The cicada is a two-seat airborne vehicle that is capable of launching guided twin missiles at targets below. If you thought the raptor was hard to fly, then you’ll have serious problems to navigate this thing. It has a combination of a low turning speed and high acceleration. This makes it hard to avoid incoming fire, and the rather big size of the plane makes it an easy target for snipers below.
Primary fire shoots twin missiles that travel quite slow, but deal massive damage on impact. This makes it an ideal choice to take down stationary targets or tanks, but rather useless to any fast vehicles.
Alt fire paints a lock on a given target; up to 16 rockets will be loaded as long as alt fire is pressed, after which they are fired pretty fast. Keep in mind that these missiles first travel forward a bit before they home in on their target, but it’s still an ideal way to take down nodes from afar. If you plan to use this feature, make sure you are switched to first person mode. It’s simply too hard to aim correct with behindview.

As said, there is a second seat available: the second person operates the laser turret, a trace-hit weapon that can provide great cover below the cicada. But the best thing about having a co-pilot is the fact that the turret operator can fire flares that serve as a distraction for AVRiL’s: these missiles follow the flare rather than the cicada.

Cicada vs cicada: The projectiles go too slow to make for a good fight, but this is somewhat compensated by the fact that cicada’s aren’t that manoeuvreable. If you can surprise a floating enemy, you can do a great deal of damage to the thing. Avoid dogfights; they take too long and there are so much better things you can do with the thing.

Cicada vs goliath: Goliaths move slow enough to make a prey, if you remember to lead them a bit.

Cicada vs hellbender: I don’t know (never been in the situation). The hellbender can go reasonably fast, and the back cannon is a real threat (if it’s armed), but it’s a big vehicle that can be pushed around by missiles easily

Cicada vs infantry: Here’s the main reason why you want a co-pilot: to deflect incoming AVRiL’s. Good players can quickly change to the second seat, release a flare and switch back once they have a missile lock, but this rather hard to do. Your missiles can destroy infantry fast, but you should be close to make a good chance to hit someone…and if you’re close, you’re making an easy target out of yourself.

Cicada vs leviathan: This plane is the best choice to destroy or severely damage a leviathan. The lev is simply too big to miss, which means that a single cicada can take out a full-health leviathan in less than 30 seconds (this does not mean you should rely on a single cicada for this job). If the leviathan is deployed, you can target it to make it even easier to hit the thing.

Cicada vs manta: Hmm…slow moving missiles against the fastest vehicle there is? Not likely. Avoid this situation at all costs. Go search yourself a better target.

Cicada vs paladin: The damage of the missiles can quickly take care of the shield, so don’t stop firing until you’re hitting the tank instead of the shield. Don’t forget to keep moving, ‘cause that paladin will be aiming at you from behind the shield.

Cicada vs raptor: Flares can confuse AVRiL’s, but not the heat-seeking missiles from a raptor. Hopefully you know how to navigate fast, because that’s what you’ll have to do in this situation. Remember that your vertical movement is faster than your horizontal one, so your best bet is to change altitude. Staying alive is only half the battle; unfortunately, I don’t think you can win the entire battle, so be prepared to fly away.

Cicada vs scorpion: The scorpion is small and can’t target air vehicles, so your best bet is move closely and lead them a lot.

Cicada vs SPMA: If the SPMA is standing still, he hasn’t seen you. Target him and load up 12 rockets (=600 damage, the armor of the SPMA) and release it.

Cicada vs turret: Target it and get the hell out of there, as turrets can take you down easily. Don’t come back if the turret operator knows you’re there; you most likely won’t have the time to target it properly.


Armor = 800
Respawn time = 27 Seconds
Damage / Hit

  • Cannon = 300
  • Side Gun = 6

Rate of Fire [bullets / sec]

  • Cannon = 0.44 (about a shot every 2 seconds)
  • Side Gun = 10

Damage / Second

  • Cannon = 133
  • Side Gun = 60

Splash damage = Medium

Your basic tank has an immense firepower at his disposal, presented with the possibility to zoom in to better see who you’re targetting. The downsize to this firepower is that tankshells are shot from the turret, and that this turret doesn’t turn as fast as you’d like. It also can’t aim very high, making it a bad choice when z-axis is involved. Close range is a bad choice as well, because the shells can deal some serious splash damage to itself.

Luckily, there’s the second seat: this is a sidegun that can deal a reasonable amount of damage to just about everyone. The only place the sidegun can’t reach is directly above the tank.

Tanks have to be taken care of: their damage can take out nodes and enemy vehicles fast, but drives slow and it is no match for a fast vehicle. Give backup to your own team’s tank, and work together to take out the ones from the enemy. No matter what happens, don’t allow this vehicle to be carjacked: even if it is damaged too much to be used against you, simply by denying you the tank, they cripple your team badly.

Goliath vs cicada: Only try this if they haven’t seen you; if you can knock it out, you’ll get an eagle eye award. If they have seen you, then you better leave the tank fast, because they destroy it in no time. Switching to the sidegun only speeds up this process, because the tank won’t move anymore.

Goliath vs goliath: This can be fun. Get the first shot and make sure your avoiding manoeuvres don’t include changes in heigth. 3 shots take out another tank, so prepare to take some backfire. You can predict a defeat almost 2 seconds before it actually happens, but unfortunately that’s rarely enough time to escape the tank.

Goliath vs hellbender: Hit the front and you’ll take out the driver. Hit the wheels and you’ll flip it over. Hit it twice and it’s destroyed.

Goliath vs infantry: Foot soldiers are small and can hide easy. Use the cannon for long range shots and the sidegun for close infantry. If they manage to get on your blind spot, you must jump out as soon as your health goes below 100. Immediately turn around and destroy the tank if they carjack it.

Goliath vs leviathan: Try to remain hidden until some team mates arrive. That’s when you should start pounding on the thing. Your have quite some armor so you can expect to deal some damage to it. If the lev is deployed, you can be sure it will target you. Team mates should take distance from you.

Goliath vs manta: One of the more close fights in onslaught. Any good manta driver will use his speed and agility to keep away from your turret. But it isn’t easy for them to perform a perfect circle strafe while keeping their focus on you. Try to lead them so you can shoot somewhere near the manta when it comes down from a jump, killing the driver with the splash damage. If the manta keeps at long distance and there’s no other enemy around, you can exit the vehicle and send an AVRiL their way (prepare to quickly hop back in). The side gun is better to target them, but deals very little damage to them; only switch seats if the manta is almost destroyed.

Goliath vs paladin: Keep your distance, no matter what. Keep your aim on the tank (in case he decides to shoot at someone) while you slowly take out their shield. Having backup will speed things up alot.

Goliath vs raptor: Like with the cicada situation: only go for an eagle eye award if he/she hasn’t spotted you. You have lost the fight the moment the raptor targets you from directly above you. You can switch to gunner positions to go for a few small hits, but your main goal is the armor bar: get ready to leave the vehicle once the health goes below 100, and get away from the thing quickly when it happens.

Goliath vs SPMA: SPMA’s aren’t made for combat. Try to hit the front of the thing, to deal some damage to the driver or co-pilot.

Goliath vs scorpion: Another easy prey. If you lead them a bit it’s easy to kill the vehicle, or at least the driver.

Goliath vs turret: 2 simple shots take out a turret, but it’s hard to imagine that a turret operator will miss you in this time. Don’t forget to take a single shot at empty turrets as well. This way, you can take them down faster once they do get manned.


Armor = 600
Respawn time = 13.5 Seconds
Damage / Hit

  • Turret prim = 25
  • Turret alt = 25
  • Turret combo = 130 max/combo
  • Cannon = 30→200(max 2 seconds charge time)

Rate of Fire [bullets / sec]

  • Turret prim = 2.63
  • Turret alt = 1.43
  • Cannon = 1.27→0.31

Damage / Second

  • Turret prim = 65.79
  • Turret alt = 35.71
  • Cannon = 37.95→63.29

Splash damage

  • Turret prim = Small
  • Turret combo = Medium

With 3 different seats, it’s no wonder that the hellbender is the toughest one to master. The first step towards this is the knowledge that you can change seats at any time (unless you have a human crew with you; bots will switch seats with you). When used this way, the vehicle has more advantages than simply being a transport vehicle. The most common one-person use is as a moveable turret. The cannon takes long to aim, but with the element of surprise it can clear out the entire sky.
The other (and IMO even better) use is as creature sweeper. Drive straight into a pack of enemy infantry, change to the turret and combo out everyone in the area before your vehicle has even stopped. After that, just switch back and proceed as a driver.

The vehicle horn of the hellbender might seem useless, but it has become the international sign for ‘hey you over there. Get in!’ Bots follow this approach since the demo days, and humans eagerly followed their example.
When driving with passengers, things are somewhat harder: try to keep driving in a straight line if possible; it makes fixed aiming for the cannonneer a lot easier. Also make sure you know where you’re going: you can waste/spend more than your own deal of time here, so heading in the wrong direction will have a larger impact on the course of the game. You are not responsible for people who die because of enemy fire: everyone should keep an eye out for the health and leave before it gets destroyed.

If you can get close to an enemy node, make sure to switch to the turret seat: short range combo’s between the node base and the circle will drain its health quickly.

Hellbender vs cicada: Cicada’s usually have better targets to fight than a hellbender, so take your time to let your cannoneer deal 200 damage to the thing (slow down if you have to). Since trace-hit weapons are the best choice against cicada’s, the hellbender is even a better choice than before to defend a node.

Hellbender vs goliath: Not a chance. The cannon takes way too long to load and the turret can’t do more than scratch the tank’s surface. Avoid an encounter like this at all costs. All occupants must leave the vehicle ASAP.

Hellbender vs hellbender: I like this one; most of the fights end up in one car getting tipped over by the cannon of the other car, or when the drivers hit each other. On close combat, quickly switch to turret and prim fire him down. These fights are usually won by the hellbenders with the most crew.

Hellbender vs infantry: At long range, you can stop the hellbender and start sniping at infantry from afar. At close range, turrets can clear out infantry with their combo attack. At point blank range, the driver can simply run over them. Conclusion: a hellbender is good against infantry.

Hellbender vs leviathan: Can’t remember seeing this one, but the outcome is obvious. Everyone should get out of the ‘bender and deal the most damage they can on foot, hoping that the leviathan targets the empty hellbender first.

Hellbender vs manta: Remain hidden as long as possible. Stop the car and let the cannonneer take his time sniping. He should shoot when the manta isn’t going from side to side (too fast). If the manta targets you, try to squeeze him between sky mines. If he comes close by these, combo it.

Hellbender vs paladin: Hmm…not the best fight: it can deal great damage at you, but not the other way around. With more passengers, you should get out and attack, using different aproaches.

Hellbender vs raptor: Using the element of surprise is key here. Load up the cannons, aim carefully and wait until it hangs still. If you hit it, it will get thrown back and get disoriented. Use this to your advantage to keep hitting it with the cannon; shoot whenever you have a clean shot.

Hellbender vs scorpion: Easy from afar (the cannon again), but quite tough at close range, since it can cover you with bola’s easily. Leave the vehicle if you don’t think you’ll have enough armor left.

Hellbender vs SPMA: If you have rockets and/or AVRiL’s in your inventory, I advise to exit and go shoot at it from a safe distance to destroy the SPMA the fastest way. Otherwise, you’re forced to use skymine prim fire or the cannon to destroy it.

Hellbender vs turret: The hellbender is simply too big to miss. Get out and try taking it down on foot before it takes you down. If you can destroy it, you can get back in the hellbender.


Easily the most underestimated piece of the bunch. After some months of AVRiL’ing, I can safely say that decent infantry can take down anything. But here’s the thing: it takes a lot of practicing to become good enough to fully qualify as ‘good infantry’. Many aspects of being infantry can be learned in other gametypes, but for onslaught, the accent lies on two things: alertness and agility.
If you aren’t alert, then it’s only a matter of time before vehicles run you over. Always face the direction where enemies are going to come from, position yourself against a wall or on top of a vehicle to make drive-by’s harder.
Agility is the skill to react and adapt fast enough to stay alive in all situations. With proper movement skills, you can easily keep up with a goliath.

Dealing damage against vehicles requires you to deal the most damage/seconds as possible. Take the AVRiL for example: it has a long reload time, but you can still switch weapons between them. Mix up AVRiL rockets with regular ones to deal a massive amount of damage against tanks.

Infantry vs cicada: Cicada’s do have a way to distract AVRiL’s (the co-pilot’s flares), but these get rarely used. In my experience, about 1 in 5 AVRiL’s get distracted by flares, so if you lock on them at the last moment, you’ll usually make a hit (maybe cicada pilots haven’t found the usefullness about this feature yet). If they do get distracted, it’s advised to switch to hit-scan weapons (shock prim is a good choice).

Infantry vs goliath: At long range you must use the terrain to hide out. If you can’t see it, it usually can’t hit you. The closer you can get, the better your chances. Circle strafe around it and avoid the turret while you hammer on it with flak, grenades or rockets.
For the experts: try to jump directly on top of the tank. There’s a blind spot where even the side turret can’t hit you.

Infantry vs hellbender: If possible, keep your distance. The cannon is a threat, but it takes some time to charge up. Don’t stop dodging sideways while you AVRiL the thing. If someone is manning the turret, he can shoot down your incoming AVRiL’s. Use regular rockets in this case.
Stay away from turret mines. Their range is big and they do serious damage, so you don’t want to stay around.
If the hellbender drives to you, you’re going to need some steel nerves. If there aren’t hiding spots, don’t simply run away. It will catch you no matter where you’re running to. Your only chance is to dodgejump sideways at the last moment. I don’t think you can escape death if there’s also a turret operator at that time…

Infantry vs infantry: The noble art of DM must be about 10 years by now, so there’s more than enough info out there that explains you some things about this (hey…try these movement and weapons guides while you’re at it). For onslaught, keep the following in mind:

  • The terrain will be very open.
  • The weapon lockers gives everyone a variety of weapons. Use these to your advantage.
  • Onslaught is not deathmatch; destroying nodes or even linking them up (in defense) is your primary goal; killing the opponent just makes this goal easier to accomplish.

Infantry vs leviathan: Eehm…remember what I said about infantry taking down anything? I lied…You simply can not do this on your own. However, you have the choice here: dying while trying to outrun the levi, or dying while trying to prove to me that you can take down anything as infantry. The good news is that leviathan’s are impossible to miss at close to medium range. More good news is that leviathans usually have better targets than infantry, so launch your strike against it when there are team members helping you. Two players have more than double the chance to destroy it, because the levi can only shoot one enemy at a time.
Note: not even a redeemer can destroy a leviathan, so save it for nodes.

Infantry vs manta: You undoubtedly know these things are fast and can crush you in the blink of an eye. So how do you even start to fight these things? Simple: turn the music off. As soon as you hear that hovering sound, dodge away from the side you think it’s going to come.
When the manta is far away, then well-lead AVRiL’s are the best way to deal with them. If the manta is close by, then it’s a job for your shock rifle or (less prefered) your flak cannon. Aim carefully while the thing storms right at you and shoot either a shock ball or primary flak at the last moment. A hit will stop the manta almost completely; at this point you must keep spamming at it until it is destroyed. With the shock rifle, switch to prim fire once the manta gets on far range.

Infantry vs paladin: Keep your distance at all times while you weaken the shield. Never stop moving, because the paladin can lower the shield and immediately shoot at you. If you have backup with you, you should surround the paladin to get behind the shield, but keep your distance so the paladin’s combo can’t get you.

Infantry vs raptor: Well-lead AVRiL’s are the way to go. If you don’t have it, you can use other trace-hit weapons (like prim shock) to knock the raptors around.

Infantry vs scorpion: With the 2 deadly blades, the scorpion looks more dangerous than it is. Double jump toward it if you see it coming (or even just hear it) and you will get right over the vehicle. Regular rockets work even better than AVRiL’s here, because the momentum will seriously desorientate the vehicle. Don’t allow the scorpion to gain speed by circle strafing around it. If they tangle you in bola’s, you’re most likely not going to survive. The only chance is to stretch out the wire, which will spread out the damage (thus damaging you less).

Infantry vs SPMA: Remember that the SPMA has a turret like the hellbender, so stay at a distance. You can abuse the SPMA’s camera on two ways:

  • Aim your AVRiL’s at it: they will divert toward the vehicle (not as good as it sounds…until now, I never took out an SPMA this way).
  • Shoot it down with a single shot from any gun (trace-hit is preferred).

Infantry vs turret: AVRiL’s and rockets gets the job done easy. One small beep is enough to shoot an AVRiL straight toward your target. Since one of the patches, AVRiL’s reassume their initial course when they are no longer guided, so get the lock on the turret before you shoot. Oh, and always keep moving: you’re making it too easy by remaining motionless.


Armor = 5000
Respawn time = 110 Seconds
Damage / Hit

  • Projectile launcher = 50
  • Ion cannon = 2800 max
  • Plasma turrets = 30

Rate of Fire [bullets / sec]

  • Projectile launcher = 3.08
  • Ion cannon = approx 500
  • Plasma turrets = 185.55

Splash damage

  • Ion cannon = Extreme
  • Plasma turrets = Small

5000 hit points of concrete armor, a tracking projectile launcher, an ion cannon that blasts about everything down and 4 seats with plasma turrets. Yes, the leviathan (levi for the friends) is one big tank, allright. The only disadvantage is that she’s rather slow (same speed as the goliath).

Levi’s can make and break games. Just like the chess counterpart, you should be aware of her position at any time. Inform your team mates about the whereabouts of (friendly) leviathans; it gives a good idea which parts of the map are safe and which are dangerous. She can destroy anyone, but not everyone at once. Enemies should group together to take it down, because she’ll win any duel you put her against (except maybe another levi).

The additional 4 seats don’t indicate that you should fill it up…ever. With 5 persons in the tank, no one will be able to knock it down, but once again: onslaught isn’t deathmatch. The other team will simply get around the levi, and by the time she arrives at a node, it will be locked because nobody was left on the defence. Besides…infantry can keep up with the tank easily (if they dodgejumpwalk) and an AVRiL is more effective than the plasma turrets, so the plasma turrets are pretty useless. The only use I can think for them is while the tank is deploying: the driver can’t move or shoot at this time, but he can still change seats. So he can switch to the 2nd seat, dish out a little damage, switch back to first seat to activate the ion cannon, switch back while the cannon is firing, and so on…

I think it’s pretty obvious you should never abandon the tank (unless under 100 armor): a carjacking will turn the entire game around.
Note: the sidegun turret operators can be hit when the leviathan is deployed.
Note: the ion cannon doesn’t damage team mates, even if team damage is on.

Leviathan vs cicada: Enemy cicada’s should be your first priority, because they can deal a lot of damage in a short amount of time. I hope you’re not deployed, because that’s going to hurt…

Leviathan vs goliath: The goliath’s projectiles travel faster than yours, meaning the distancance is in your disadvantage.\\ Otherwise, they don’t pose much of a threat, especially not when you’re deployed…

Leviathan vs hellbender: Nothing to worry about.

Leviathan vs infantry: If they can get close to you, they can do quite some damage (relatively speaking). Your projectiles also aren’t that effective at point blank range.

Leviathan vs leviathan: The best weapon in the game is the ion cannon, so the lev that is deployed first will win. Never engage combat against a deployed one; instead deploy yourself if you see one coming your way. This situation is of course very rare: even if the map features two levi’s, then there’s close to no chance they will have a 1on1 fight.

Leviathan vs manta: These fast vehicles can outrun your missiles without much trouble, so send your missiles all around them. They will lock on to the enemy when they get close. I’ve heard that a manta pilot can drop out on top of you, where you can’t touch him/her (except by deploying and ion blasting yourself).

Leviathan vs paladin: Paladins usually guard nodes, so deploy your tank and check out how much damage their shield can take. I guess not more than 1 shot, but I haven’t seen this in the game.

Leviathan vs raptor: The turret and the wheels work completely independant, so you can drive in one direction, and look all around you to target the raptor…Just make sure you’re not heading straight off a cliff or into a wall. Just as with the manta, shoot all around them to have the most chance to actually hit them.
As a sidegunner, you must exit and use your AVRiL…the plasma turret projectiles travel too slow to hit the raptor.

Leviathan vs scorpion: Bolas can deal a lot of damage/second; luckily, scorpions can be destroyed fast.

Leviathan vs SPMA: Nothing to worry…as long as you can see it coming.

Leviathan vs turret: Take them out if there aren’t worse threats around; the projectiles even lock on empty turrets.


Armor = 200
Respawn time = 13.5
Damage / Hit = 24
Rate of Fire [bullets / sec] = 5.38
Damage / Second = 161.61
Splash damage = Small

You can describe the manta in 3 words: fast, agile and anti-infantry…or are those 4 words? Anyway…this makes the manta a perfect choice for sneak attacks, base rapes, scouting jobs and occasional backup. Add in the ability to jump and float, and you’ll have yourself a vehicle you can call airborne (the manta also hovers over water).

The main disadvantage is the armor…Or rather the lacking of it: a single AVRiL can take you down, so better exit the vehicle fast if you get a missile lock. If you’re really lucky, the AVRiL hits a wing, which will cause only about 150–180 damage.
The second disadvantage is the slow turning speed. The manta has roughly the same speed forwards as sideways and backwards. Use this to your advantage when running away (and a good manta driver knows when to get away from the scene): first build up some speed in the direction you’ll need to escape, and turn afterwards, used with a jump and a circle strafe in the air.

The manta is able to jump, but only if the meter on the HUD is charged and the wings are in a good position to take off from. The jump height is proportionate to the distance to the ground: you’ll go a tiny bit higher than normal if you jump directly after a crouch, or when you just got in the thing.
Another aspect of this jump technique is that you can gain air by grinding up a slope: time your jumps at the end of the slope to make the highest jumps.
Due to their light size, they can cover a great distance while floating. Only use the crouch or alt fire button when you have to crush infantry.

The most important aspect of this vehicle is carpooling. It can carry many passengers on its wing and back, and when used correctly at the start of the game, then it can give you a great speed bonus (even a complete node bonus if the other team doesn’t do this). Here’s how to do this: hurry to the manta and jump on top of it (the top is more stable than the wings, btw). Don’t get behind the wheel yet! Look around to see wether team members are coming your way. If there are, they will drive you to the node. If there aren’t…well, 5 or 6 seconds of teamplay didn’t hurt that much now, did it?

Manta vs cicada: A null operation: manta’s can’t shoot at cicadas, and as long as you keep moving they won’t hit you. Get out and find something you can hit.

Manta vs goliath: Avoid the cannon turret at all costs and keep your aim fixed to the tank. Never stop moving! Circle strafe around the tank and only jump when you’re in danger. Jump toward the tank if you’re going to be cornered: manta’s turn around slow, but their turret is even slower.

Manta vs hellbender: Easy targets, if you’ll keep them targetted. Their cannon can take you out with one punch, so move side to side from the hellbender instead of back and forth. If there is nobody operating the turret, you can rush straight toward them, crouch and hit them. If you do it right, you’ll push the hellbender straight on its side. If there is a turret operator, you should keep at a safe distance: a single combo can take you out.

Manta vs infantry: The most common type of combat in onslaught (maybe with the exception of infantry vs infantry). Manta’s are excellent to quickly get rid of infantry. Good players can make a fine defence, though. Therefore, try to sneak up on them. If you see people linking up a node, don’t shoot while you’re coming over. Jump right in front of them and run them over before they can react.
Be on the alert if they actually take their shock rifle. This means they know how to handle you! Don’t go for another driveby, but start shooting them instead.
On some occasions, you’ll have a sudden missile lock from out of the blue. If possible, get it to a hiding spot. Otherwise: leave the vehicle.
If you do know where the AVRiL rocket is coming from then you can predict where you will be safe. If there isn’t such a place around you must play matador with the thing. Jump slightly before the last moment and quickly duck (the AVRiL goes over you, then straight into the ground), or corner yourself so the missile will hit the wall if it misses you.

Manta vs leviathan: Keep your distance while shooting at it. If possible, wait for your team to arrive before attacking. It might be possible to land on top of the leviathan so it can’t reach you without deploying (as said in lev vs manta).

Manta vs manta: As said, the manta is extremely fast and agile. Put one manta against an other and you’ll have a fight that can take a looooong time. Exiting your vehicle isn’t an option either since infantry vs manta is too hard. Avoid this situation when you’re defending; a manta is a bad choice for defence anyway. On offence, simply pick another target and never stop moving.
Remember that the manta is good for stealth attacks. If you see a manta attacking something, quickly shoot at the cockpit before he notices you. The 3 or 4 hits you score can be enough to give you the advantage to win you the fight.

Manta vs paladin: This can take a while if you’re alone: you have to keep moving to prevent the tank to take a good shot, while very slowly tearing down the shield. If you have backup, you must try to surround the paladin, so at least one of you can get behind the shield.

Manta vs raptor: As good as impossible. Try to outrun the raptor, but beware of the homing rockets.

Manta vs scorpion: Warning! Scorpion bola gets sucked in your wings, which will kill you in a matter of seconds (even with the smallest hit). Therefore you must always stay back against these, and exit your vehicle as soon as some bola covers your vehicle. Allow me to repeat that last part: exit the vehicle when it’s covered with bola! I can’t even count how many times people kept flying with a corrupted manta.
Try to hit the face: it will hit the driver’s health as well.

Manta vs SPMA:’ SPMA’s are easy targets. Their sound, the camera and the angle of dropping bombs are good clues to where the SPMA is hiding. As a manta driver, it is your duty to track that vehicle down and destroy it, before it deals too much damage to your home node or core.

Manta vs turret: Turrets have a good knockback against mantas, so avoid these encounters. Stay at a distance and move side to side, but you’ll stand a better chance on foot. At close range it’s an even worse idea to use a manta. Get a better target or get out of there.


Armor = 800
Respawn time = 13.5 Seconds
Damage / Hit

  • Cannon = 150
  • Shield = Blocks about 2000 damage

Rate of Fire [bullets / sec]

  • Cannon = .5 (about a shot every 2 seconds)
  • Shield = Continuous

Damage / Second

  • Cannon = 75

Splash damage = Medium

With all this firepower in the game, it’s good to have a vehicle that is used primary for defence: the paladin. Sure, it can fire an energy bolt that does reasonable damage, but the shield is the main strength of the thing.

Prim fire is a weak version of the goliath tank: an fast-traveling energy ball, shot from an adjustable turret. There is no zoom feature, so aiming will be a bit harder on long distances. It’s a better choice on short distances, because the energy ball doesn’t damage itself on a point blank shot.

By holding alt fire, you create a large shield in front of you - it’s transparent, so you can still see what’s going on. By positioning the tank close to a node, you thoroughly prevent enemies from taking a shot at it. The shield can take about 2000 damage (more than a redeemer!), so your team has time enough to aid you to hold off the attack wave.
If your tank survives an attack wave, you can quickly recharge your shields: it begins recharging one second after you’ve lowered your shield (it takes maximum 5 seconds to recharge completely).

The prim fire isn’t that important, but can be used in co-operation with the shield: you can take your time to aim at your target from behind the shield, lower it and immediately shoot. The downsize to this is that your tank is vulnerable for 2 seconds after the shot (it’ll be partially healed by then).

The combo is even more important: shoot against your own shield. This will pop the shot against the shield and scatter the damage around your vehicle…This is a good way to deal with enemies who come too close to the shield.

Paladin vs cicada: Hope he doesn’t see you: it’s easy to hit a cicada that holds still to pick on a target, but almost impossible to hit it while it’s moving. Its missiles can drain your shield and armor fast as well, so be prepared to abandon the tank once the shield goes down.

Paladin vs goliath: One of the more interesting fights: set up the shield, drive your tank as close to the goliath as possible and start combo-ing. They can’t shoot back without dealing more self damage than damage to your shield, and your combo’s slowly drain the tank (I think…not completely sure).

Paladin vs hellbender: Hellbenders don’t deal enough damage to seriously break down the shield (they can’t do multiple skymine combo’s against it), so you can hold it off for a long time. Only lower the shield if you have a clear shot and are able to reset the shield without taking too much damage inbetween.

Paladin vs infantry: An easy prey, both on short range (shield combo) as on long range (one straight hit). Most infantry will try to get around the shield, keep the shield between you and the opponents.

Paladin vs leviathan: I don’t know if it’s possible to survive one direct ion blast, but you don’t have a choice - you’re too slow to outrun this thing. Don’t try to take a shot at it: you’ll need to distract the leviathan as long as possible, and the best way to do this is by keeping the shields up.

Paladin vs manta: These can be a plague if there are multiple enemies. Manta’s will almost always find a way to get to your unshielded side. You can try to lead them when they’re going slower (in a similar way as the goliath tank), to take on the driver. The risk is pretty high, though: your shield will be down for 2 seconds, so only shoot if you’re sure you won’t miss!

Paladin vs paladin: I don’t think this will happen often, as the paladin is a defensive vehicle. This is shown here clearly: both sides put their shields up, and the first one to lower it will lose because he can’t put the shield back in time before the other tank has a clear shot…which will give the first tank a clear shot again, and so on. These duels (if they happen in the first place) take way too much time not to be interrupted by other players.

Paladin vs raptor: Don’t even try this. It’s hard to hit and you’ll make an easy target out of yourself. Just set up the shield as an umbrella and hope that a team mate will take care of it.

Paladin vs scorpion: Scorpions are fun to push around with your gun, and there isn’t much they can do about it. The bola’s travel slowly, so it’s unlikely that they’ll ever pass by the shield. And if they try to come too close, then you’ll welcome them with combo’s.

Paladin vs SPMA: This depends on the distance: on long range, your job is to stop the incoming bombs from dropping on your node and teammates. If you’re close (for some reason…don’t really see a situation how this would happen), you can easily shoot the front to damage/kill the tank or the driver. Skymines don’t really pose a thread for the paladin.

Paladin vs turret: Distraction time! While the turret is pounding down your shield, it isn’t pounding on whatever else is heading in the direction of the turret. You can even take the time to aim carefully and place a direct shot: trading damage will be worth the time if it helps to stop the turret from choosing a better target.


Armor = 300
Respawn time = 13.5 Seconds
Damage / Hit

  • Plasma shooter = 25
  • Missile launcher = 150

Rate of Fire [bullets / sec]

  • Plasma shooter = 5.26
  • Missile launcher = 0.37

Damage / Second

  • Plasma shooter = 131.57
  • Missile launcher = 55.435

Splash damage

  • Plasma shooter = Small
  • Missile launcher = Small

The raptor is the other ‘real’ airborne vehicle in the game. Though easier to navigate than the cicada, it still takes some practice to get used to. Once mastered the moves, it’s a great and fast scouting vehicle that can aid your team well to reach neutral power nodes quickly.

The prim fire is a standard gun that can be compared to the one of the manta. It makes a good damage/second, but to make it all count, you should be really close to the ground…and because raptors have low armor, you shouldn’t do this often.
The alt fire is a missile launcher. When shot, this projectile will automatically lock in on nearby cicada’s, raptors and manta’s (even empty ones), provided that they are close to your crosshair the moment you shoot it. The prey gets a ‘missile lock’-warning, just as though it was an AVRiL missile. Raptor missiles don’t track that well and don’t deal that much damage, though…

Raptor vs cicada: Flares won’t stop your missiles, so make full use of this fire mode. Even if they manage to avoid your missiles, they won’t have time to do anything but surviving.

Raptor vs goliath: As said before, the goliath has a blind spot directly above it. Get there and you won’t have any trouble taking it down. This is a high priority job, because other vehicles have it much harder against the goliath.

Raptor vs hellbender: You have to watch out for these. One hit from the cannon gets you 200 damage, and they have a big reach. Close combat is even worse because of their turret. So keep circling around it in midrange, or get close if there’s only a driver.

Raptor vs infantry: These are the worst enemies: hard to shoot (too small, seen from above), but they can lock in on you without giving you a chance to escape. Only start a fight with infantry if you know for sure they won’t have an AVRiL. Snipers are another threat, as they can knock you around much. Stay low; this makes for easier targetting, a possibility to run them over and a better exit than when you’re high above.
Don’t hesitate to jump out when your health gets low. Use your shieldgun to reduce falling damage.

Raptor vs leviathan: One of the better vehicles to take on a levi. Keep circling around them to avoid their fire, while keeping your lock on the thing. As always against a levi: have some backup with you.

Raptor vs manta: Manta’s can’t shoot back so you can’t really call this a fight. Unfortunately, your missiles only lock on if you aim at the manta, so you can’t decently lead them, unless you get really close. Prim fire can help, but is not very effective either.

Raptor vs paladin: Death from above! And the only thing they can do is delaying it a bit. Just remember to keep moving, ok?

Raptor vs raptor: Raptors can outrun the missiles at full speed, but they can’t outrun it when they’re motionless. Try to avoid duels with raptors, because it’s too easy to keep outrunning the other vehicle’s missiles. Prim fire isn’t an option either, because this can be avoided even easier.
You’ll get a ‘Top gun’ award for shooting down a raptor while you’re in a raptor.

Raptor vs scorpion: Just hit the thing from above. It can’t escape.

Raptor vs SPMA: As one of the fastest vehicles, it’s your task to stop them from launching airstrikes at your node/core.

Raptor vs turret: Avoid armed turrets. If they hit you, you’ll get knocked back, which makes future hits even easier. Therefore, it’s best to retreat and rethink your strategy.


Armor = 300
Respawn time = 13.5 Seconds
Damage / Hit

  • Web thrower = 195→455 (max 2 seconds charge time)

Rate of Fire [bullets / sec]

  • Web thrower = 0.87→0.28

Damage / Second

  • Web thrower = 169.7→128.3

Splash damage = Small

Scorpions are the karts from hell. With a web throwing gun and 2 blades on the side, who wouldn’t fear these constructions?\\ Unfortunately, the answer is almost everyone. The scorpion is pretty fast, but all the airborne vehicles go faster, and your kart can’t take shortcuts like these others do.

Prim fire shoots bola’s; a green beacon of slow-moving plasma that explodes a couple seconds after impact. This explosion is pretty heavy, so if you can wrap it against an enemy, they will feel it.
The couple seconds before explosion make it an ideal weapon for sneak attacks against nodes: try to keep moving and use fixed aim to shoot directly at the node. And as you can see in the damage chart: small bola’s deal more damage/second, so only charge up if you don’t have a clean shot.

Alt fire pulls out the blades on the side. These make your vehicle a lot harder to handle and they break off if you hit anything besides a player, so only use this if you’re sneaking up on infantry.

The scorpion is also a good choice to transport team mates around the map, so check wether someone is heading your way before driving off. Note that these players prevent you from throwing bola’s, so they should get off your back whenever you see a good target.

Scorpion vs cicada: This doesn’t look good. With some luck you can outrun their missiles, but mostly your best bet is to exit the vehicle while you still can.

Scorpion vs goliath: Though it seems unlikely, but this can be an even fight with the right foreknowledge. First of all, you must know where the tank is before he sees you (take a detour if you have to). Second, the terrain must be right: you must be able to get close to the tank before it can take a good shot at you. Load up a big bola and release it as soon as you’re sure to hit him/her with it.\\ Immediately start throwing small bola’s at them. The only option for the tank will be to shoot at you at point blank range and damage itself in the process. This way, both vehicles will be destroyed…

Scorpion vs hellbender: Stay at midrange distance; too far and you’re facing the cannon. Too close and the turret will take you out.
Scorpion vs infantry: the main key here is stealth. You can run them over if they haven’t seen you, but if they know you’re coming, they’ll jump right over you. Don’t forget to throw bola’s when you’re at close range.

Scorpion vs leviathan: Simply impossible alone. Get away from there and load up a big bola until backup arrives. At that moment you can start throwing little ones at the thing. Try to reach the tank’s back (it can’t hit you that good over there).

Scorpion vs manta: Finally a good use for the scorpion! Bola’s get sucked into their wings, which will take out the manta (or the driver) in a matter of seconds. You can even hassle manta’s at midrange to long distance, if you time your bola’s correctly.

Scorpion vs raptor: Running away should be your first priority; aiming at it comes far second. Get out of your car if you have an AVRiL.

Scorpion vs paladin: Firing small bola’s quickly drain the shield, but the paladin driver knows this too and you can be sure he’ll fire a shot in your direction.

Scorpion vs scorpion: One bola from another scorpion is enough to kill you instantly, so get ready to leave the vehicle once you get covered with the green stuff.

Scorpion vs SPMA: Load up a full bola and tangle the SPMA in it as soon as you have a clear shot. Then finish up with a couple small ones. Just try to keep your distance.

Scorpion vs turret: Keep your distance; you won’t survive long if you get caught…


Armor = 600
Respawn time = 13.5 Seconds
Damage / Hit

  • Cannon = 250→5*250
  • SPMA side turret = Same as hellbender turret

Rate of Fire [bullets / sec]

  • Cannon = .27 (about a shot every 3 seconds)
  • SPMA side turret = Same as hellbender turret

Damage / Second

  • Cannon = 69.44→5*69.44
  • SPMA side turret = Same as hellbender turret

Splash damage

  • Cannon = Extreme
  • SPMA side turret = Same as hellbender turret

Even before the SPMA (Self Propelled Mobile Artillery) made its entry on the UT battlegrounds, it was nicknamed ‘SPAM’. And with good reason, as there is no way you can even remotely ‘aim’ with this weapon.
Basically, the SPMA is a long-range cannon that shoots bombs…at long range. If these bombs are shot in an arc, they burst open into 5 others, each capable of dealing about 250 damage when they rain down over the designated area. But it’s hard to predict just how these bombs are going to drop, so the chances of succesfully dealing 1250 damage are close to zero. Don’t worry: there are some tricks to help you.

First of all, there’s the alt fire: this launches a camera that lets you view the action from above (a second alt fire deploys the thing). By using your movement keys, you can then choose the center of your bombardment. Note that a single hit from any weapon can bring down your camera, and that infantry can even use the camera to lock their AVRiL’s on your vehicle, so make sure your time is precious when the camera is in the air.
A second way to increase your chances of a hit is the distance to your target. You have to make a decent arc to allow the bomb to burst open, but the lower to the ground that this happens, the more concentrated the bombs will be.
Here is the ideal spot: shoot the camera, deploy it and bring the ‘position targeter’ as close to your vehicle as possible. This is too close (the bombs won’t split), so move your targetter away for about half the size of the thing, and you’ll have the best spot to bomb down. It’s always a bit trial and error to find the best spot to bomb down a node, but scattered bombs can be just as devastating if there are many enemies and/or vehicles in the area.

But wait, there’s more to this vehicle. Many people seem to forget that the SPMA has about the same qualities as a hellbender (same armor and same top speed, though it has lower acceleration). The second seat can be used to scare away close infantry and you the skymines can be used to blast away a node at close distance, just like a hellbender can.

The main disadvantage to this vehicle is that it isn’t made for combat against other vehicles. It can fire skymine prim’s against cicada’s and raptors, but most of the time, they will have an easy time with this thing. Goliaths and leviathans might be possible to hit with your prim fire if you can calculate your arc well, but it’s still very unlikely to win this fight. Hellbenders are somewhat a tie: you can’t hit them, but they can’t deal damage fast enough to do stuff. Use the skymines for manta’s, scorpions and infantry that come too close, but don’t hope to last long if they decide to stay at a distance.
Conclusion: avoid combat alltogether and go find yourself a decent camp spot to spam stationary targets (nodes, turrets and deployed lev’s).


Armor = 450
Respawn time = 13.5 Seconds
Damage / Hit

  • Laser = 30

Rate of Fire [bullets / sec]

  • Laser = 3.34

Damage / Second

  • Laser = 100.2

The stationary defence tool is not a vehicle, but still something to deal with. There are many types of turrets, but the laser turret is by far the most common one in onslaught. It has a basic trace-hit laser which deals a good amount of damage and momentum, but spreads out a bit. It has the capacity to zoom in well enough to notice anything hostile in the area.
When manning a turret your main goal isn’t to kill opponents, but to keep them out of the area. Some enemies will retreat when they get hit by a turret. If so, let them go unless there aren’t any other enemies around.

If there are more enemies are attacking, make sure that you pick a slow moving target. It’s no use trying to hit a manta that avoids you while a tank is approaching your position. Oh, and jump out if your health is getting too low.

Turret vs cicada: This is your main target: the hit knocks them back, so they can’t target your node (or you).

Turret vs goliath: A good choice because goliaths can’t avoid the damage. Unfortunately: neither can you (two shots take out your turret, so leave the thing after one hit).

Turret vs hellbender: Most hellbenders won’t stop until they arrive at your node, and they usually make it that far…Still easy to target.

Turret vs infantry: Good infantry is hard to hit, so keep these guys as last targets…but keep an eye on your armor.

Turret vs leviathan: Call for backup, but don’t stop shooting: every bit of damage on that thing counts.

Turret vs manta: This looks more frightening than it is: manta’s can easily avoid being shot at (or at least getting pinned down by the knockback), but they can be distracted from aiming at their targets…which is a good thing.

Turret vs paladin: It takes too long to drain their shields, so keep an eye out for better targets; this situation wont’ happen much, because paladins are better in defence.

Turret vs raptor: Not much armor and relatively easy to hit: a very good target, and the most important one if the node doesn’t contain AVRiL’s.

Turret vs scorpion: Not the best target there is, but certainly not the worst. Knock them out of the area.

Turret vs SPMA: Check the skies for their camera, and take it out as soon as you notice anything. If you can see the SPMA, it’s too close to be a threat, so keep an eye for better targets.

Turret vs turret: Ehm…blame the level designer?

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