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Medic! - Brock

Basic Items.

Each level in UT2004 has a variety of stuff lying around that can help the one who picks it up.

  • Health Pack. Restores 25 health; up to 100. Respawn time = 27 seconds.
  • Health Vial. Adds 5 health; up to 199. Respawn time = 27 seconds.
  • Keg o’ Health. Adds 100 health; up to 199. Respawn time = 55 seconds.
  • Shield Pack. Gives 50 armor. Respawn time = 30 seconds.
  • Super Shield Pack. Gives 100 armor. Respawn time = 55 seconds.
  • Damage Amp. Doubles all your damage for 30 seconds. Respawn time = 82.5 seconds.
  • Adrenaline. Gives 2 adrenaline. Respawn time = 27 seconds.
  • Weapon. Provides a new gun. Respawn time = 10 seconds.
  • Ammo. Keeps your weapons able to fire. Respawn time = 27 seconds.
  • Weapon Locker. Gives a whole variety in weapons and ammo. Respawn time = 30 seconds.


  • While playing a team game, you won’t pick up health or armor if you’re maxed out. In individual games, you pick up everything except the health pack if you have 100 or more health.
  • Armor works completely independent: you can pick up 1 normal and 1 super shield, but you can’t increase your armor by picking up the same type of armor twice.
  • Armor stops 100% of damage if you have >100, 75% if you have between 50 and 100, and 50% if you have below 50 (drowning damage is an exception: this doesn’t affect armor at all). Each point of armor corresponds to the same amount in health.
  • If you have both kinds of armor, then the 100 armor will drain out first.
  • You know if the person you’re hitting has a kind of armor if the damage sound is different and the person flashes yellow.
  • The shield packs, damage amp and keg o’health don’t spawn directly at the start of the level; they first appear 27.5 seconds in to the match.
  • When carrying a damage amp, the shooting sounds have a higher tone and your weapon will have a pink glow, betraying your situation.
  • Picking up a second damage amp will set the timer back to 30 seconds.
  • You’re always able to pick up adrenaline, even if you have a full meter.
  • The weapon respawn only applies if ‘weapons stay’ is off. If ‘weapons stay’ is on, you can’t pick up the weapon if you already have it (remember you can throw away your weapon if it has low ammo).
  • You can’t pick up ammo if you have the max. ammo for that weapon already.
  • Weapon lockers don’t give weapon ammo, but rather replenish it to a certain minimum. That’s why it’s best to deploy your spider mines and link up nodes before you pick up a weapon locker, to save more weapon ammo. The ‘respawn time’ is completely individual here: it doesn’t apply to other players, and if you die, you can immediately pick up the weapons again.


The drug abuse is increased since UT2003, as the pills are now scattered throughout the level. These are one way to raise your adrenaline level. If your adrenaline level is high enough, you can give yourself a power-up by using some kind of movement combination. Upon activating, your adrenaline lowers and the power-up will remain active until the meter is depleted or until you die. The following actions affect your adrenaline level:

  • Killing a team mate = Adrenalin −5
  • Commiting Suicide = Adrenalin −2
  • Picking up a adrenaline pill = Adrenaline +2
  • Making a frag in CTF, vCTF or BR = Adrenaline +2
  • Making a frag in (team) DM; returning the flag = Adrenaline +5
  • Killing a ball carrier = Adrenaline +7
  • Reaching a reward (first blood, spree’s and multi kills); killing a flag or ball carrier = Adrenaline +10
  • Capping a flag or scoring a goal = Adrenaline +25

Combo Moves.

Once your meter is at 100, you can cash in the reward. These are activated by a combination of moves, performed in rapid succession.


Activation: Back, back, back, back.
Description: Increases life by approx. 5 health/second; once health is at 199, armor starts increasing.
Time: 26 seconds (175 health total)


Activation: Forward, forward, forward, forward.
Description: You run and jump twice as fast/high.
Time: 15 seconds


Activation: Right, right, left, left.
Description: Turns yourself semi-invisible; only your outlines are shown.
Time: 27 seconds


Activation: Forward, forward, back, back.
Description: Increases your firing speed; continuous weapons deal more damage.
Time: 34 seconds

Camouflage Only available with the ‘bonus combo’ mutator.

Activation: Right, right, right, right.
Description: Turns you into a mesh that is used in the level; great for sniping opportunities.
Time: 40 seconds

Pint-Sized Only available with the ‘bonus combo’ mutator.

Activation: Left, left, left, left.
Description: Makes your character smaller, thus harder to hit.
Time: 27 seconds


  • Your adrenaline level depletes twice as fast if you’re carrying a flag or a ball while you’re doing a combo.
  • Assault and onslaught are played without adrenaline.
  • You can increase the lifetime of a combo move by gaining some more adrenaline while the combo is active.
  • If you enter a vehicle while you’re doing a combo move, the combo is terminated and you keep the remaining adrenaline (only applies in vCTF).
  • The berserk combo increases the jump height of the shield gun.


The combo moves give an advantage over the other players, but none of them turns you invincible (not even the booster). In order to keep your advantage, you should wait for a good moment to use it. It’s best to perform the moves while you’re in the air, so you won’t dodge all around the place.
Booster is the most commonly used combo, as surviving is always a good idea. The best time is when you aren’t in combat and your health isn’t too low (if it is, there’s a good chance your combo won’t reach it’s full potential). Almost always the preferred choice in deathmatch, team deathmatch and especially last man standing. Keep in mind that the increasing of health goes too slow to make a difference in combat.
Speed is a crucial combo in CTF and BR, as it can give the carrier that extra edge that is needed to outrun the defence. Unlike the others, speed is usually activated in combat. Be carefull, or your run will end very fast.
Invisibility is made for snipers and people who don’t want to be seen. Keep in mind that even though you aren’t clearly visible, other players will know that you’re there and will start spamming the place. Note that the flag or ball doesn’t turn invisible, and that the red glow of the damage amp also betrays your position. In Jailbreak, it can be a good way to sneak to the enemies’ switch.
Berserk is the main choice when you’re on a chaotic server (more players than the adviced maximum) and have enough ammo for each weapon. It’s also preferred if you are holding the damage amp (faster shooting+more damage=good).

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