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Ued2 | Capture the Flag explained

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To create a functional Capture The Flag level you need to add
flagbases to your level.

You will find this actor under “NavigationPoint”.

When this actor is placed you also need to adjust which team this
flag belongs to.
In the FlagBase properties under “FlagBase” you find “Team”.
Insert 0 for the Red team and 1 for the Blue team.

There is also another navigation point that is used in CTF levels and
that is “AlternatePath” (also found under “NavigationPoint”).

You use this to make bots able to use other routes to reach the flag.
The team that will use this alternate path is specified by
“Team” under “AlternatePath” in the properties window.
(The other team will treat this as a regular pathnode).

You are also able to adjust the “SelectionWeight” under “AlternatePath”
to raise or lower the chance of a bot selecting this path to the flag.

It is also important to know that a bot (after selecting a path to the flag)
use the shortest route to this alternate pathnode and then the shortest
route to the flag.
Make sure that the bot walks the intended route to its fullest and not change
path along the way.

Changing the game type to CTF:
UT is able to load the level in correct game type if the filename of the
map correspond with the correct game type.
In this case CTF which would be CTF-[mapname].unr

But, unless you do this UT will treat the map as DM and to change that
you need to set the correct “DefaultGameType” in Level Properties.
The game types are found in the actor browser under “Info”, “GameInfo” and
The one for CTF are found under “DeathMatchPlus” and “TeamGamePlus” named

PlayerStarts in CTF:
You probably want players to start at different positions in a CTF level.
When you open the properties window for playerstarts you have a option
under “PlayerStart”, “TeamNumber” which specify what team it belong to.
“0″ for the red team and “1″ for the blue team.

Trouble shooting:
If the bots don’t grab the flag even though they run infront of it, or
they doesn’t seem to run towards the other teams base something is wrong.

This can in most cases be fixed if you lower the flagbase so the pathlines is
at the same height as the closest pathnode.
It might be that the bots think they are unable to “reach” the flag.

Otherwise check that all pathnodes is connected to each others so the bots
is able to calculate a route to the flag.

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