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Ued2 | Console Commands

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Using console commands is useful for alot of reasons.
Debugging and play-testing comes to mind.

This list shows some of the commands available.

Addbots [value]Adds more bots to the game.
Behindview [X]Change view to first or third person (value 0 or 1).
Demoplay[file]Show a recorded demo. Use “demoplay [file]?3rdperson for behindview.
Demorec [file]Start recording demo.
FlyYou fly instead of walking (more like swimming in air).
GhostNo clipping and Fly mode.
GodRender you invincible.
Killall [class]Kills all actors of a certain class
KillpawnsKills all bots.
LoadedGet all weapons (except warhead launhcer).
PlayersonlyAll actors except players is paused (nice for screenshots).
PreferencesOpens the advanced options window.
ShotTake a screenshot (same as F9).
Slomo [value]Changes the game speed (1.0 is normal).
Stat cacheShow the status of the cache.
Stat fpsShow frame rate in milliseconds.
Stat gameSome game related values.
Stat globalOverall performance values.
Stat meshShow mesh values.
Stat zoneVisible zones.
StopdemoStop current demo recording or playing.
SuicideKill yourself.
Summon [class]Summons an actor of the specified class.
Timedemo 1Show Frame rate in second and avarage.
Viewclass [class]View from the specified class locaton.
WalkResets Fly and Ghost modes.
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