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Ued2 | Domination explained

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In Domination you need to add control points.

A “ControlPoint” can be found under “NavigationPoint” in the actor

When placing control points it is important that they are placed
close to the ground and not too close to each other.

Under “ControlPoint” in the properties window you have a few
The “PointName” is the name that is displayed on the screen next
to the control point status.
The four events (red, blue, gold and green) can be changed to make
an event happen if a specific team activates the control point.

Changing the game type to DOM:
UT is able to load the level in correct game type if the filename of the
map correspond with the correct game type.
In this case DOM which would be DOM-[mapname].unr

But, unless you do this UT will treat the map as DM and to change that
you need to set the correct “DefaultGameType” in Level Properties.
The game types are found in the actor browser under “Info”, “GameInfo” and
The one for DOM are found under “DeathMatchPlus” and “TeamGamePlus” named

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