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The contents of this tutorial were written by those at

With this faq I want to clear a few things that normally
don’t show up in any tutorial.

Also check UED2 General info and tips for more information.

Q: Where is the screenshot stored?
A: When you have created a screenshot in UT it will be stored in the
system folder “…\UnrealTournament\System\”.
It will have the name “ShotXXXX.bmp”.

Q: How do I find the editor and/or do I need to download it?
A: The editor is installed with the game.
The file “unrealed.exe” is the editor and can be found in the system
folder “…\UnrealTournament\System\”.
Note that this is the original editor.
To get UED2 you need to get hold of and install UT patch 4.20 or higher.

Q: I can see parts of my level through the wall(s), why?
A: When you are able to see through a solid wall you have something
known as BSP holes (or HOM effect).
Check the tutorial on BSP for more info.

Q: When I try to play a level I get “Unable to open package…”?
A: This is because some of the file(s) needed to play the level is missing.
When creating a level and using custom sounds, textures or music you need
to make sure that each package/files is available when playing that level.
Music files (*.umx) go in the Music folder.
Sound files (*.uax) go in the Sounds folder.
Texture files (*.utx) go in the Textures folder.
Maps (*.unr) go in the Maps folder.
Skin and Script files (*.int, *.u) go in the System folder.

Q: How do I change the speed of moving clouds/walls (U and V pan)?
A: The U and V pan speed is Zone Info based properties.
Under “ZoneLight” you have two properties “TexUPanSpeed” and
They adjust the speed of U and V pan inside the zone.

If you need to change the direction of the panning you can do this
by rotating the texture.

Q: When I try to find some textures with the texture browser, I can’t?
A: The texture browser for UED2 do not allow you to show textures
that do not belong to a specific group.
To find them you need to check the button “All”.

Q: My mover do not block players and act weird?
A: This is most likely a scaling problem and your mover have incorrect
collision size.
Delete the mover, reset the brush scaling and add a new mover.

Q: I cannot see fog when I play UT?
A: I do not know if this is standard, but for some people UT set by default
that voulmetric light (fog) should not be rendered.

To fix this open the advanced properties, expand “Rendering” and make sure
that for each render device (Glide, Direct3D…) “VolumetricLight” is

Q: When I open UED2 all viewports are white (or gone), why?
A: Sometimes, for some reason, UED2 do not initiate the viewports correct.
To fix this just go to “view” in the menu, select “Viewports” and either
select “configure…” and then just OK, or “New viewport”.

Sometimes this happen because there is not enough available memory
present. Close the editor and a few programs. Open the editor again
and the problem should be gone.

Q: When I open UED2 nothing shows up in the actor browser, why?
A: This was a known problem with one of the previous patches.
UnrealED was compiled on a PC running a certain version of the necessary
Runtime DLL’s. The version running on that PC was one of the latest ones,
so anyone installing the patch and wanting to run UnrealED would need at
least those version of the Runtime DLL’s.
This was fixed in a later patch by compiling the Editor on a PC running a
lowest version possible.

In some cases it has been known that, even with the latest patch,
the ‘Actor Classes’ browser still doesn’t show any actors. I’ve been told
this can be solved by installing Internet Explorer 5.5 or Update your Windows.
This will install a correct version of the Common Controls DLL

(Thanks to the G.O.A.T. for this information)

Q: Rotating brushes makes them change shape instead of rotating?
A: When you’re trying to rotate a brush and it doesn’t want to,
it just changes shape as you try to rotate it, this is what to do.
Select the brush, right-click on it and select the “Transform”-submenu.
Once there click on “Transform Permanently”. That should do it.

Also use “Transform Permanently” on brushes which you’ve scaled, etc.

(Thanks to the G.O.A.T. for this information)

Q: How do I include custom textures/sounds and/or music?
A: When you have gotten so far that you have imported it,
you need to decide how you want to distribute it.
By importing textures and sounds to the package “MyLevel”, it will
be saved along with your map.
Music and imported sounds/textures (outside “MyLevel”) need to be saved
to file and included with the map.

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