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Ued2 | Invisible Collision Hulls

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Invisible collision hulls is most often used when you want to block
players/actors from moving through specific areas.
It will block players, bullets, translocators and anything like normal walls.

If you want to use transparent or masked textures so people will be able to
see through it, but not walk/fall through it, collision hulls is the thing to use.
This might be a window or fence.
(Sheets can not be made to block players or actors).

First you create a sheet for the transparent/masked texture and
then you put the invisible collision hull behind it.

A rule with collision hulls is that it cannot touch any
wall or cross zone portals.

Invisible Collision Hull tutorial:
Here is a small tutorial on how to use a collision hull in a “real” level.

First start with a 512×512×512 room.
Create a new room sized 256×256×256
and place it close but not connected with the first room.
The space should be 16 units in this example.

Now create a 64×64×16 and subtract it between to two rooms.
(Place it close to the floor of the second room).

Now we have two rooms and a small opening between the two.

Texture the walls and add lights.

Now we are going to start on the window.
Create a sheet 64×64 and AX_Xaxis.
Place this sheet in the opening between the two rooms.
Select a window texture (coret_fx.utx has two) and then press
“Add Special Brush”.
Select “Transparent Window” from Prefabs and then press Ok.

This window will not block anything as it is now.
Actually it will never block anyting, but we will make it look
like it does when we add the collision hull.

Create a brush 63×63×4 and place it in the middle of our opening,
just behind the window sheet.
You need to change the grid to either 1 or 2 depending on how close
to the sheet you want it.

Make sure that no sides of the brush touch any sides of the wall
or the sheet.

Press the “Add Special Brush” button again but select “Invisible Collision Hull”
from Prefabs this time and press Ok.

Now you should see that almost the entire area is filled and with the texture
you used.
If you change to real time update this collision hull will disappear.

Place a player start and rebuild the level and try it if you like.

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