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Level properties is used to give your level some default values.
In reality level properties work like the zoneinfo but affect the
entire level instead of a single zone.
Zoneinfo on the other hand overrides values used in level properties
making you able to better control the level enviroment.
(Read the zone tutorial for more info. on zone specific properties).

Level properties is also used to give the level default music and
game specific information.

You can open the level properties by pressing “F6″ or select
“View” and “Level Properties” from the menu.

This list show you what level related info. you can change.
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Level PropertySpecific
CdTrackPlay a specified track from a music CD (255=none).
SongPlay a specified song (.umx file found in the music browser).
AuthorName of the level creator.
BrightnessAdds a default brightness to the level.
DefaultGameTypeWhat game type the level is, DM/CTF/DOM or AS.
IdealPlayerCountHere you type the recommended amount of players.
ScreenshotThis is the screenshot shown when selecting level in UT.
TitleSimply the name of the level.

A Screenshot:
There is a few things concerning screenshots.
The size of the image must be 256×256.
If you want it to be saved along with the level you must import it to
the texture package “MyLevel”.

To create a screenshot of your level you should enter it as a spectator.
(Preferbly remove the info hud).
When you find what you want a screenshot of, press “F9″.
The file is stored under the “…UT\System\” folder, “shotXXXX.bmp”.
Open this file in any picture editor, resize and cut it to 256×256.
This image you then import from the texture browser.
(UED2 is fully capable of importing bmp pictures so don’t worry).
Under “Package” you type “MyLevel”.
Let the “Group” be “Base”, and type “Screenshot” in “Name”.
Press “Ok”.
This texture will now be saved along with your level.

Changing the game type:
UT is able to load the level in correct game type if the filename of the
map correspond with the correct game type.
DM-[mapname].unr, CTF-[mapname].unr, DOM-[mapname].unr or AS-[mapname].unr

But, unless you do this UT will treat the map as DM and to change that
you need to set the correct “DefaultGameType” in Level Properties.
The game types are found in the actor browser under “Info”, “GameInfo” and
For DM you have “DeathMatchPlus” and for Last Man Standing, which is a
type of DM you have “LastManStanding”.
You will also find the game types for CTF, Assault and Domination which is
“CTFGame”, “Assault” and “Domination” located under “TeamGamePlus”.

There are other game types you can use, like intro and training but they
aren’t explained here.

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