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Ued2 | Brush Editing, Ladder

The contents of this tutorial were written by those at

The alternative to ramps and stairs, by graphical means, ladders.

To be able to follow and understand this tutorial it is important that
you understand brush handling and creation.

UT do not support ‘true’ ladders so we need to cheat to create one.

It is done by first creating the actual ladder.
I simply put two vertical bars and some horizontal bars and intersected it
to get a ladder brush.
This I tilted slightly to the wall.

If you were to play this map now, you are actually able to use the ladder
as each step support a player standing.
(If the ladder is wide enough).
If you ask me this would be a bit more realistic as the player need to
jump each step and climbing a ladder isn’t done in a second.
Could be really hard to bot path though.

To keep on, you now produce a stair brush that has almost the same width as
the ladder and a step height around 28 or lower.
What you need to adjust is probably amount of steps and the step length.
These two affects the stairs compared to the tilting and height of the ladder.

When you got a shape you want, place it in the middle of the ladder.

(You need to make sure that at least part of the steps are outside the ladder
or a player will not be able to ‘climb’).

Then deintersect the stairs and add it as an invisible collision hull.
It will not be visible for the player but the ladder will and also give the
illusion that it is the ladder he is climbing and not the stairs.

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