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Ued2 | Movers, simple door

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Here we are going to create a simple “touch” open based door.

First start by creating two 256×256×256 rooms and
place them 128 units apart.
Then create a 128×128×128 brush and place it at floor
level between the two rooms and subtract it.

Add texture and light.

Now we are going to create the space in which our door
will move to when being opened.

Create a brush 128×128×16.
Place it at the middle, but at the side of the connecting section as
shown on the picture, and subtract it.

To create the door create a brush with the same size as the the last one
Place it inside and in the middle of our small passage, right below the
small opening we created for our door.
Select another texture for the door if you like and press the “Add Mover”
A purple framed brush should appear.

Now we need to make this door open and close.
Press the right mousebutton on the frame and select “Mover” and “Key 1″.
Move the door up into the hole.

The change we did now affects the key frame 1.
Now press the rignt mouse button on the door again and select key 0.
The door should now move back into position and this is the position we want
it to start in.

If you add a playerstart now, rebuild and try the level you will have a
fully functional door.

There is no sound connected with the door yet but it will not be
explained in this tutorial.

If the texture on the door is wrong you can change the texture if you
have patch 4.36 installed.
Press the right mouse button on the door and select “Mover” and then “Show polys”
and then change the texture as you would a normal wall.

Also check my “complex brush” tutorial on how to create more complex and
nice looking doors.

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