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This is some of the sound packages from the the original UT.

ActivatesBeeps, Clicks and Machinery
AmbAncientMonk, Lava, Fire, Glass, Explosion, Ghost and Creak
AmbModernAlarm, Fan, Electric, Hum, Machine, Pipes, Teleport and Scream
AmbOutsideAnimals, Waterfall, Swamp, Waves, Lightning, Quake and Thunder
AnnouncerAnnouncer Voice
BossVoiceBoss Voice
BotPackWeapon and Item Sound
DoorsAncThumps, Chain, Stone and Wood door sounds
DoorsModModern Door and Lift sounds
Female1VoiceFemale 1 Voice
Female2VoiceFemale 2 Voice
FemaleSoundsFemale sound effects
Male1VoiceMale 1 Voice
Male2VoiceMale 2 Voice
MaleSoundsMale sound effects
Pan1Helecopter, Train and some Voice
RainRain and Thunder
VrikersVoice sounds
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