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Ued2 | Texture List

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This is a complete list of all original UT textures and what
they contain.

Some texture that does not belong to any specific group can’t be
seen in the texture browser unless you check the checkbox for “All”.
The texture set that has some of this, is marked (*).

BotpackEffects, Weapon effects, Flare, Icons, Team symbols and Explosion effects
UnreallEffects and Skins
Unreal ShareEffects, Explosion effects, Lightning effects and Smoke effects
AlfaFX3x effects
AncientInca/Aztec style Wall, Floor, Ceiling and Decoration textures
ArenaTexFew Greenish Metal textures
Belt fxA Few effects
BluffFXOne Blue Electric effect
Castle1Two textures, Masked Archway and Horizon
ChizraEFXThree textures, Blood, Blue Torchlight and Water
CityDiv. city related textures plus some logos and sky
Coret FXMetal based textures, Lights and Glass
CreativeCreative logo
CreditsCredits, Logos and Effects
CryptTwo textures, Masked Rusty Chain and Rusty Metal
Crypt2Gothic/Occult Stone/Wood textures, Masked Bars/Chains, and Decoration
Crypt_FXStone Wall textures and Colored Lights
CTFRed and Blue logo based walls, Ancient to Future style plus Glass
DDayFXShore, Horizon, Masked Barbwire and crate texture
DecayedSHeavy and Alien feel textures, Walls, Floors, Special looking lights and Decoration
DetailA few very detailed Grey Textures
DMeffectsOne Water Motion texture (Sewer opening?)
EgyptA few Tan Stone textures, some with Decoration
EgyptPanEgypt/Desert texture for skybox
EolMarble and Decorated Stone/Walls and One Moon texture
FireEngA few Lava, Water, Effects and Torch Fire (*)
FlareFXA few Blue Flares
FractalFXThree Asphalt textures, Two Animated (Red/Blue) Lights and some div. textures
GenEarthAlot of Stone and Earth textures
GenFluidLava, Sky and Water textures, none animated (*)
GenFXLensflares, Gradient, Palettes and Masked textures
GenInCrystals, Medieval Decoration, Glass, Cloth and Colorful Tiles
GenTerraDetailed ground textures and a few Reallife Skybox Backgrounds
GenWarpA few specially animated (Water and pan) and some “Ghost”/Warped textures
GreatFireFire and Torch Fire textures
GreatFire2Animated Bubble, Lighting, One Blue Torch Light and One Slime Water skin
HubeffectsWater, Lava, Lightning effects, Torch Fire, Waterfall and a few other textures
Indus1Skybox, Stone, Blood and Effects
Indus2Skybox, Stone, Effects (Water/Lightning), (*)
Indus3Metal and Motion blur Wall, Skybox and Ground textures (*)
Indus4Animated Flare, Effects and a Star Sky texture
Indus5Animated Screens and Wood textures
Indus6Masked Glass, Skyzones, Stone and Wood textures
Indus7Animated and None Animated Screens
ISVFXLightning and Energy Effects
JWSkySkyzone textures
LadrArrowAnimated Arrow
LadrStaticAnimated Static
LavaFXLava textures
Lian-XLava, Flowing Lava, Stone, Warning signs and Walls
LiquidsWater textures
LogoUT logo and a Blue “Fire” texture
MenuGrLogo, Logoflame
MetalmysMetal walls and wood crate textures
MineMine/Dungeon Walls, Floors, Ceiling, Lights and Masked textures
NaliCastFantasy/Ancient Castle (Stone and Wood), Windows, Walls and Decoration textures
NaliFXLightning Effects, Torch Fires, Water, Lava and Signs
NivenFXWater and Lightning Effects (*)
Of1A Brick Wall and A Grey Panel Floor texture
Old FXDecorated Walls and Door, Lightning Effects, Masked Chain and Harvest textures (*)
PhraelFXA Waterfall and two Lantern textures
PlayrShpRough Metal Walls, Floors, Ceilings, Decoration, Doors and Lights
QueenScience Fiction Alien based Walls, Floors, Ceilings, Decoration, Doors and Lights
RainFXConcrete, Metal, Wood Walls and Decoration, Few Effects, Water and Wet Glass
RenderOne Default Bubble Texture
RotatingUUnreal Logo
ShaneChurchStone and Wood Floors/Walls, Painted Glass, Detailed textures and two Moons
ShaneDaySkybox textures, Mountains and Sun flare
ShaneSkyBlood colored Skybox textures, four Moons and Sun Flare
SkaarjAlien/Outofthisworld Walls, Floors, Ceilings, Decoration, Doors and Lights
SkyBoxSkybox textures, Mountains and a Moon (*)
SkyCityFantasy/Ancient (Jade Green) Walls, Floors, Ceilings, Decoration and Col Windows
SlumsBrick/Concrete/Metal Walls, Graffiti, Signs and Lights
SpaceFXEffects, Water, Masked, Flares and Skybox textures
StarshipAlien look Walls, Floors, Ceiling, Panels, Signs and Decoration
TCrystalEffects, Blood, Lava and Water
TerraniusLightning Effect and Smoke (*)
TrenchesFXBrick and Stone walls, Fan and Light
UTDiv Stone, Wood and Metal Walls, Decorations
UT ArtFXEffects and “Art” textures
UTbase1A few Metal Walls and Pillar
UTcryptStone walls and Colored Lights
UTtech1Dark Stone/Metal Wall, Floor, Ceiling, Crate, Light and a Snow textures
UTtech2Smooth Stone Wall, Floor, Ceiling, Light and Crate textures
UTtech3Lights, Decoration, Signs and a “Laser grid” Effect
XbpFXDiv. Wall, Skybox, Moon, Earth, Space Phenomena, Warning textures w/numbers
XFXWater, Slime, Lightning Effects and Flares (*)
XtortionSmooth Grey Wall, Decoration and Lights
FacesPlayer Faces
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